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Transformative Learning Experiences

Awareness Leads to Transformation and Empowerment

I design and facilitate transformative learning experiences with the goal of guiding you to reconnect with your true essence, integrate all of your innate intelligences and blossom into your highest potential.

The invitation of my work is for you to realize the potential of who you are and let your nature bloom in the world. I help you to fully embrace yourself, cultivating curious and gentle attention to see and heal conditioned patterns, developing your capacity for clarity and conscious choice, and consequently aligning yourself with what is most true and meaningful to you.

I teach you ways to tune and integrate all your human intelligences — somatic-intuitive, cognitive-creative, socio-emotional — in order to support your agency to write your own story and allow yourself to shine within.

My toolbox of consciousness technologies that support your individual journey includes mindfulness and other types of meditation, mindful and dynamic movement, somatic release breathwork, conscious human design, and more.

My goal is to build a safe and playful space for you to live transformative learning experiences that (in)form you and allow your full potential to flourish. It is by welcoming your wholeness and authenticity, from a place of acceptance and trust, that your decision-making process becomes increasingly more conscious and empowered.

My passion is to help you remember your most authentic and free nature for you to realign yourself with your innate healing love and creative inner force.


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What People Are Saying

Thank you so much for this amazing mindfulness class! I am absolutely loving it¬†ūüôā.

Sarah Braden, United States.

Joana's mindfulness training really was a great experience. Joana is kind, inclusive and very knowledgeable.

Anonymous Evaluation, United States.

I've completed many mindfulness sessions, including sessions focused on mindful communication with Joana and she is amazing! I would highly recommend using her for team trainings!

Brenda Smith, United States.

I have been fortunate to be able to take part in mindfulness learning and guided meditations from Joana. Joana is an excellent teacher and I recommend her to anyone looking to learn more about how mindfulness and meditation can enrich your life.

Laura Lema, United States.

I gratefully acknowledge Joana was chief among my awakening teachers. Helping me pierce through the illusions and shadows of maya all around me, and in true guru fashion, showed me a path out of suffering, and into the source that flows from within.

Michael Smith, United States.


What Is Alive and Going On
Joana Franco

My Journey

I have more than 30 years of practice with meditation and other contemplative modalities of self-awareness. I dedicated my PhD at USU to research Transformative Learning, designing an online course for graduate students to engage in mindfulness as a self-care tool. I am certified by UC Berkeley as a mindfulness teacher in addition to being a certified yoga teacher, somatic breathwork practitioner, and human design specialist. I’m also trained in mindful communication and mindful leadership to bring applied mindfulness into the workplace.

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