Bridging Love Network

If you believe in inner transformation and personal development as a crucial part of humanity’s evolution, the Bridging Love Network is for you!

The Bridging Love Network is a community made by and for people who value continuous self (r)evolution and seek to be more conscious and kind each day.

Our purpose is to strengthen our mindfulness skills and learn to cultivate self-care and inner-love. We build a supportive network that aids in both our personal and collective processes of reconnection with presence and well-being.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

Margaret J. Wheatley

Benefits of being a member

Access to short live guided practices on Zoom to weekly support your mindfulness

Practices in community to help you cultivate the space and time for care and self-love

Special discounts and prior access to my events and mentorship programs registration

A training for your attention that can deeply change your brain and help you focus better

The ability to calm your mind down and regulate your nervous system with breath

The capacity to transform your life a little every day to feel more balanced and connected

Sign up to participate!

To be a part of the Bridging Love Network, you can subscribe to one of the options below. The monthly contribution to receive all the above listed benefits of this community is only U$ 9.90. When you officially become a member, you will receive the community newsletter with the link to connect each month.

Participation in the Bridging Love Network gives access to live guided practices through the Zoom platform. There are different options for you to choose from:

  1. Mindful meditation practices that happen 3 times a week (on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), always at 12:30 pm MST, for about 10 minutes, will help you create pause more often to be present for yourself, anchoring the skill of mindfulness.
  2. Mindful movement practice that happens 1 time a week (on Wednesday), at 12:00 pm MST, for about 25 minutes, will help you create a longer time to care for your well-being, anchoring mindfulness skills through gentle yoga.
  3. The COMBO fits everything perfectly together, including both the mindful movement and meditation practices into your membership package for the perk of only U$ 14,90!

In addition to the live guided practices, the membership also gives you prior access and discounts to register to the special events and mentorship programs that I launch, which have limited spots.

By investing in your ability to be more present and less anxious through mindfulness, you are also connecting with a community of like-minded people, bonding through learning together and enjoying many opportunities to go deeper in transformative experiences.

Mindful Membership Package

The COMBO package includes the meditations and the gentle yoga into your Bridging Love Network membership and connects you with a supportive community to practice together, build presence and well-being.

Monthly contribution of U$ 14.90

Mindful Meditation Membership

Connect to the Bridging Love Network and find a community to meditate together, build presence and well-being.

Monthly contribution of U$ 9.90

Mindful Movement Membership

Connect to the Bridging Love Network and find a community to do yoga together, build presence and well-being.

Monthly contribution of U$ 9.90

About the facilitator

Joana Franco

Joana’s purpose is to help people discover their most authentic and free nature and realign themselves with their creative essence to have the autonomy to write their own history and shine in themselves. A PhD in Design of Transformative Learning, with more than 30 years of practice in meditation and several other modalities of self-knowledge, she has been dedicating herself to research consciousness technologies to co-create experiences that (in)form a more integral human being and allow all of their potential to flourish. Among her various trainings and supportive tools are mindfulness (certified by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley), dynamic meditation, yoga (certified by the Yoga Alliance), breathwork (certified by the SRBW), quantum human design (certified by Karen Curry Parker), design thinking, interactive meditation and shamanic practices.