Insight Session

Open up to your inner wisdom and experience the clarity of listening deeply to your own insights

Insight is the capacity to gain deeper intuitive understanding of a situation and yourself using more than just reason. It is that “a-ha” moment that happens when you integrate your different types of intelligences and cultivate a more open and curious attention. Naturally, these insights are transformative and carry within the potential for healing.

“Nothing in life is more exciting and rewarding than the sudden flash of insight that leaves you a changed person.”

Arthur G. Webster

What is an Insight Session

The Insight Session is an individual, on-demand meeting for you to receive tailored and punctual support on a specific question. The session aids you in your decision making process and is recommended for when you are feeling confused or going through a critical moment in life, wanting to gain more clarity over your current situation and noticing that cognitive intelligence alone is not enough.

The duration of the session may vary from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on your needs and processes. The goal is to help you integrate all your other intelligences — somatic-intuitive, cognitive-creative, socio-emotional — to support you in having insights and making decisions that are authentic, aligned with who you are.

How an Insight Session works

The session starts with a check-in where you share your current troubling situation. Then, I ask some clarifying questions and guide you in a practice to help your nervous system regulate, which clears attentional resources for a potential insight. Following this practice, I bring other methods of self-reflection and creative inquiry to aid you in investigating your current situation from different perspectives. The session ends with a check out where you share your insights and we build together an integration plan for action.

If you are interested in the Insight Session but have questions or would like to talk more about the different services I offer, please get in touch with me through email or WhatsApp. You can also set up a free intake session with me to talk live about your current needs and understand whether this service is the best fit for you.

About the facilitator

Joana Franco

Joana’s purpose is to help people discover their most authentic and free nature and realign themselves with their creative essence to have the autonomy to write their own history and shine in themselves. A PhD in Design of Transformative Learning, with more than 30 years of practice in meditation and several other modalities of self-knowledge, she has been dedicating herself to research consciousness technologies to co-create experiences that (in)form a more integral human being and allow all of their potential to flourish. Among her various trainings and supportive tools are mindfulness (certified by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley), dynamic meditation, yoga (certified by the Yoga Alliance), breathwork (certified by the SRBW), quantum human design (certified by Karen Curry Parker), design thinking, interactive meditation and shamanic practices.